Performance Criteria

Performance Criteria

The VESA Certified ClearMR logo features multiple performance tiers—from ClearMR 3000 up to ClearMR 13000—where each represents a range of blur performance based on the ratio of clear pixels versus blurry pixels as a percentage. ClearMR 7000, for example, is defined as a CMR range of 65-75 times (6500 to 7500 percent) more clear pixels than blurry pixels. Each tier provides a visually distinguishable change in clarity, with higher CMR numbers indicating higher image quality and less blur. Only displays that pass all ClearMR compliance tests can qualify for the VESA Certified ClearMR logo.

ClearMR Tier chart

Testing Details for Clear Motion CTS

Products undergoing ClearMR certification are tested using a digital high-speed camera, which takes pictures of a test pattern moving across the screen as it changes from one frame to the next. A luminance measuring device, such as a colorimeter, is used to verify pattern luminance. The pictures are compiled into a profile and analyzed to provide a repeatable and objective CMR value.

Products are tested at ambient room temperature in their default power-up configuration and native-screen resolution at maximum frame rate after a warm-up period. Backlight strobing is disabled during testing in order to establish a level playing field and prevent unfair comparisons with products that do not utilize those blur reduction methods. Limits are also placed on overshoot and undershoot during product testing so that the overall visual performance is not compromised in an effort to reach a specific numerical target.

ClearMR tests work independently of the panel technology in display products, and thus can be used on any display technology, including LCD and OLED, for any display, monitor, television or product with an embedded display. Vendors wishing to participate in the VESA Certified ClearMR logo program can send their products for testing at any of VESA’s approved Authorized Test Centers (ATCs).

The following table summarizes the test condition limits for ClearMR logo performance testing

TestConditionMandate, All Performance Tiers
Luminance Degradation
Frame Rate = Maximum≥ 0.50
Overshootmaxfps = Maximum PPFCEIL≤ 0.20
Undershootmaxfps = Maximum PPFCEIL≤ .010
Backlight Strobing≥ 1,000 Camera fpsDisable, if possible